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Northland Truss Systems, Inc. was founded by Rick Pierce in 1992 and started with a handful of Truss Workers, two Truss Designers, one Truck Driver and an Office Manager.  Northland Truss designs and manufactures roof trusses and floor trusses for new construction.  Alpine Engineering of Pampano Beach, Florida approves all of our truss designs, in addition to furnishing the truss plates for manufacturing our trusses.


Northland Truss opened it's doors in Abercrombie, North Dakota, just thirty miles south of Fargo.  The location was chosen because of it's accessibility to Fargo and small cities in both Minnesota and South Dakota.  In January of 1993 Northland Truss expanded to the Fargo area by opening a General Office, but retaining the company's manufacturing facility in Abercrombie.  By opening the General Office in Fargo, we made our design/sales people accessible to our largest sales base, which includes contractors and lumberyards in the Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding areas.


In the summer of 2000, we were given the opportunity to supply roof trusses and crane time for a project that aired on the television show "Hometime."  A very elaborate garage that incorporated attic trusses, floor trusses, LVL's and metal hangers.


We are currently one of the largest truss manufacturers in the area.  We supply trusses for projects from Grand Forks, ND to Watertown, SD and from Bismarck, ND to Minneapolis, MN on a regular basis.  We have also built and supplied trusses for projects in Wisconsin, Iowa and as far as Nebraska.


During our peak season, April to November, Northland Truss will have fifty to sixety-five employees on the payroll, providing employment opportunities in the Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding areas.

Rick Pierce hand-picked and thoroughly trained a top-notch management team.  With the passing of Rick on August 25, 2003, his wife Deb Pierce took over as the President and Owner of Northland Truss.  Deb guided our company in the direction that Rick had intended by working closely with the management team.  In May 2014 Deb sold Northland Truss to the management team which included Chris Lange, General Manager and President; Curt Mathias, Sales Manager and Corporate Secretary; Tim Nicklay, Production Manager and Vice President and Terry Short, Plant Manager and Treasurer.


With new ownership comes new improvements.  In spring 2015, a new roof truss table was purchased to increase productivity of roof trusses.  Also in 2015, 3 acres of land behind the plant was purchased to have extra storage space for completed trusses and to park trucks and trailers when not out on deliveries.

Northland Truss Systems
Northland Truss Systems
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